Good news, future 911S buyers. You no longer have to spend $120,700 on a 911 GTS just so you can enjoy the extra 30 horsepower that sets the GTS apart from the $105,100 Porsche 911S. Of course, you won't get some of the other goodies that come with that model. But if it's only power you want, Porsche Exclusive has got a deal for you: the power kit, an on again/off again option that's just resurfaced.  Word is that for $12,350 ($12,870 for cars with PDK), you can order your new 911S with said kit, which features larger turbochargers and recalibrated engine electronics that boost horsepower to 450 bhp, just like in the GTS. Also included are a sport exhaust system with two central tailpipes, dynamic engine mounts, a modified brake cooling system, Sport Chrono Package and a titanium-colored engine cover (not the rear decklid, just the part that goes on top of the engine). Or if you already own a 2017 911S equipped with the Sport Chrono Package, the power kit will be available as a retrofit option later this year (no word on when and cost).

​                The other interesting news out of Zuffenhausen is that Porsche will add some new hues to their growing color palette, including Crayon (whaa?), available now for all 911 and 718 models. Reserved for the 911 is Saffron Yellow Metallic, which features a four-coat paint job with intermediate sanding, a process that "creates a strong impression of depth." Other exterior and interior colors are in the offing, not just for Porsche's sports car line but for the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera. Lots of new stuff in the Porsche Connect department too, for those who need to stay plugged in at all times (E.T. call home).   

Porsche resurrects the Power Kit and adds some new hues

More sass for the 911S

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