Hammer time: what sold and for how much


The Porsche Project Gold reimagined 993 sold for an insane price, $3.415 million, although proceeds went to a good cause, the Ferry Porsche Foundation.Then there were the posters and brochures. Prices of desirable models were all over the map and if there's a takeaway from all this, it's that a great car, say like a 2.7 RS Carrera, still fetches a good price. Anyway, enjoy the read, courtesy of Sotheby's. 

Who to quote? P.T. Barnum maybe? Let's just say that RM Sotheby's 70th anniversary all Porsche auction in Atlanta was a real eye popper. I mean, nearly $6 million for a rally car? To each his own, I guess. 

Porsche Atlanta auction by RM Sotheby's